Frequently Asked Question


A competitive passing league to showcase an athlete’s skill sets in a non-contact way. It is all passing plays that’s played on a 40 yard field plus end-zone. Skill players get thousands of reps during the off-season without taking the pounding of tackle football.

Flight 300 7v7 is a development program first with 7v7 being a compontent of the program. Our atheletes will compete against some of the top players in the state and country by playing in scrimmages, tournaments, and other national events that will prepare them for their upcoming fall season.

Hundreds and Hundreds of extra reps during the off-season that will help athletes be much more seasoned come the fall and college summer camps. If you have a hunger to be a great football player and wish to go back to your high school a better football player you should play with Flight 300. Our focus is player development with 7v7 being a component of the program.

Teams will practice once or twice a week. Typically once a Week on Sunday from 1pm to 4pm.

Our plan is to compete in 4 to 6 tournaments a season or 2 tournaments per month.

* Some tournaments will require us to leave Thursday night or Friday morning due to length of travel. This will result in missed school that Friday. We will insure all players have their work completed early.

Local Play – 7 week season played in Virginia Beach.

Cost will range between $50-$350 depending on which tournaments you decide to compete in. Most out of town tournments will cost b/t $150 – $175 dpending on distance. This does not include Nationals. Any local tournaments in the 757 will cost around $60 to $75.

+ Uniforms – $20 to $60 (depending on how many uniforms we purchase for the season)

+ Those playing local 7v7 with us in Va. Beach. The cost is $75 which is separate from uniform and travel cost.

You are not required to play both.

  • 18U – Varsity (no graduating seniors)
  • 15U – 9th – 10th (a selected group of 8th graders)
  • 13U – Middle School (cuurent 6th, 7th, 8th grade)

Each team will have 18 to 24 players per team.

Yes! We encourage our athletes to be multi-sport atheletes. All high school sports are priority and we understand they come first.

Parents and or Players will be contacted via email and or text message.